Clandestine Thoughts

Hey I also feel pain, I also get hurt.

You are not aware cuz I am hiding it in my smiles.

Only those who truly know me can see the pain in my eyes.

Hey I got broken, feeling worthless all because of how you made me feel.

You left me with the memories I only cherished.

Isn’t  it fair? 

Day and night it haunts me. I always cover my face with pillow afraid I get caught crying. 

When bitterness began to consume me. I realize I act so wrong.

I went directly to God, I prayed for what I feel inside and the lessons I’ve been missing.

I surrender all of me to Him. He is the only one who cares and fix the broken pieces in me.

I cried to Him. The hope I found in Him renew my strength. I came out with my brokenness complete and renewed.

I’m enlightened. I understand. I hope. I forgave. I learned.

Our sweet moments, bitter ending is a blessing. 

It made me realized a lot of things. It made me have a best lesson about what I deserve.

It teaches me. It protects me. 

Now I know that God’s plan is better than mine.

I let go and let God.

Hey I thank you. You came in to my life and you leave for a reason. Your presence is appreciated. You are a blessing. 

I am not the one for you and you are not the one for me. That is our reality.

The arrival of my best love is coming. Our love story is authored by My Almighty Father in Heaven. It is done. It will happen. In His perfect time and will.

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