I Trust Much!

​      Trust is an important aspect in one’s life. It is where relationship is formed and established by means of love. Trust is an important component of love. Faith and trust is inseperable part of it.

    Mostly the reason of my heartache is that I put too much confidence in man(human), pain is inevitable in this matter. Even the closest and the best person you think of can break your trust. Then I found out who really stand by me in the midst of this pain it is God. Jesus stayed, comforted, and protected me. Take time to reflect. Do you remember that moment of your life where everyone walks away? Who left you behind when you needed help the most? Think who gives you the strength and hope. Think who is with you through it all. Think who never gives up on you. Think who stand by you.You know the answer, don’t you? Right. It is Jesus Christ who walks with you who goes before you. Put your trust to the Lord. Trust Him with all your heart and mind. He got you ☺Whatever you are going through you can overcome it through Christ who strengthens you. Be strong. Be still and know that He is God.

10 thoughts on “I Trust Much!

  1. Didis Art Design

    Dear friend,

    Friends and family may even leave us but God lives in us, will never leave us; “He will not leave you or forsake you untul the end of the world.”

    We come alone in this world and we we depart alone from this world – our Father is always with us, in the temple of our heart.

    Wishing you all what is good for your soul

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