Let Go and Let God


Are you having hardships today? Are you suffering? Are you feeling like giving up? Love, be strong and stand firm in your faith. Never think of giving up. Remember the battle is not yours it belongs to God. Let go and let God. Let God be God. Take all your worries, fears, disappointments, pain; surrender it all to Him. He cares for you. He knows what you are going through. He wanted to help you why not let Him. What is it that hindering you? Let God take over and you will receive the peace beyond human understanding that will protect your heart and mind though Christ Jesus. He got you in this.
Our hardships, sufferings, pains and many more has a reason. We are having it for a reason. Let us take our concerns to God in prayer. He will guide our steps. He will steady our heart. He will calm our fears and He will reward our efforts. Let us seek Him more in this special moment. Perseverance will be produced in our patience in here. A preparation for an extraordinary destiny ☺ .

Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the LORD thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.

Take time to reflect love.


7 thoughts on “Let Go and Let God

  1. CLEvangelism

    Thank you for posting this. Half an hour ago, I posted to Facebook that I’m feeling drained and would like to exchange my life for another. I *am* having hardships. I *am* suffering. I *do* feel like giving up. Then again, the devil knows that. My mom, her mom, and my father’s sister all committed suicide, so that give-up spirit runs in my veins. I’m not giving up though. I’m a writer. I want to see how the story turns out.

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    • 317_angelkris

      I am happy that what God put in my heart speaks to you sister. ☺ Stand firm in your faith. God knows what you are going through. Let Him take over this time. The devil has no power over you but God has given you the authority to crushed his works through Christ Jesus, our Lord. The One who is in you is greater and bigger than the one who is in this earth. Jesus is in you sister. Remember His words “I will never leave you nor forsake you” that’s a promise. Hold it close to your heart. God cares for you. I do believe great stories will come in your way. All glory to God now and forever.

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