Dear Future Husband

          I don’t  have the slightest  clue of who you are and where you might be right now. I just know  that whoever you are,  God has been writing our divinely orchestrated  romance. I am waiting for you, I hope you know that.  I’m  doing my best  to live according  to God’s will and make you proud. I know that you have been to countless battles,  that you face many storms.  I am so proud of you for being strong and getting up each fall trusting God for everything  that you’ve been through and going through.

         I don’t delight  on anyone who doesn’t  have a heart like yours. I’ve  dried my tears from my past mistakes β€” from those guys I thought  you were. It hasn’t  been easy to wait but this is love right patient and kind. It will never fail.  By God’s grace I hope to give you all the best that I am and not just fragments of what’s  left. 

      I expect  you to be imperfect. Your imperfections  will indeed help me to love you more through  it I can truly demonstrate  how it is to love you unconditionally  as I was first loved by Jesus (1 Jonh 4:9) . You are good for me in spite of all your flaws and imperfections.I know you are worth the wait.  I know you are alive and living life according  to God’s will.  I hope you know I don’t  expect the world. I hope you know that I want what is good  and what makes you smile.  I hope you know that all I want is for you to love Jesus,  seek His will,  and serving  Him now every chance you get just as I am trying  to do. I hope you know that it is not money, big house or expensive  cars that I want.  All I want is to love and be loved and to serve God with our life. I want you to know that I’ve  got your back.  I will stay  and be with you through  thick and thin. I will trust you for every best decisions you will make for the family. 

          I am thankful for you.  You are not just a product of my  imagination  but reality. I am thankful  for the man that God is making of you.  I am blushing  and grinning  at the prospect  of us spending the rest of our lives with each  other. I am also thankful  for this time that we get to grow in Jesus Christ  individually so that someday we can grow in Him together. Our singleness has a very special purpose  to cherished. 

        I am thankful that I will someday  get to be the woman to love you and support you and cheer for you and laugh with you and cry with you and praying with you and raise  a family  with you. I wanna grow old with you.  But now focus on your  dreams and know that I am here living and breathing.  I know it won’t  be easy there will be moments of loneliness  and sadness. I pray that you  may find your strength  and satisfaction  in Christ’s love who makes all things beautiful  in His time. If I am lonely  or sad I hold on to the words of God and this little  glimpse of life with you. If you feel gloomy I hope you read this and shine up a bit. I am trusting  God to bring you to me in His time. For now I hope  you know that I love you,  I’m thinking of you and I am confidently waiting  for you. I am praying  for you.  
Love, Kristel ❀

34 thoughts on “Dear Future Husband

  1. lonewolfadventurer

    Wow this is an amazing post! You really have a God given gift to write and show your heart through your writing. It is beautiful. God has an amazing guy set aside just for you and you will deserve every bit of love him and God give you! It is really good to know there are still Godly women out there. Keep up the writing and never give up faith. I will be praying for you!

    Liked by 1 person

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