Let Me Follow Thee

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.                                         Proverbs 22:6

       ” Raise me well and I will become the best person you want me to be” these words of a clever child keeps reverberating in my mind. I myself began to think how can I raise them to help them achieve the self-actualization Abraham Maslow wants to point out. Raising a child is a blessed responsibility and it will depend on how we teach this young ones. To train means to teach, to teach means to make someone learn. Therefore teaching serves as a guiding tool to let every man learn and follow you.

       Training produce a disciplined individual. Every trainer must always look out on their ways of teaching them. I know a great teacher who have all the qualities to make a man achieve the highest level of Maslow’s Hierarchy of need the Self-actualization and the completeness of life. He is known to be the greatest teacher of all time, no one can compare. He has the love that can make you learn with ease you can feel it right away, He has the power to instruct and have all the qualities of many known teachers in this world and more than that. “All in one” as they say. Maybe you are thinking and wondering who might this one great guy? Do you want to know who is behind the descriptions? He is Jesus Christ. Yes! It is not a subjective kind of view but in objective perspective. We can’t deny the truth. He is the teacher of all teachers. Jesus wants us to have all the qualities to teach and train young ones for them not to depart from it. If we let Him and make Him the center of everything that we do we will surely make it. Positive!

     We can all be a catalyst of change in children’s lives. We have a very special part on them. Teachers, parents, siblings and friends who are ahead of them play an important role in guiding, directing and training them. What you have teach to them will only be remembered if and only if you have followed the ways of the Lord. Training comes discipline and if every person has trained well you expect an outcome that will always be remembered by heart. Wherever he may go he will always take it with him.

      Training is like the view of Ivan Pavlov in his Classical Conditioning, you need to condition the person first by creating a stimulus something that will motivate him to do so and when they got used to it you will have a response that will depend on how successful you have applied your ways in teaching them.

       If we want to produce a disciplined and well-kept person it is up to us. Love, faith, hope and  wisdom if all of this combine you can produce a quality of learning beyond the worlds idea of it. 

       Training also implies the adage “No man is an island” from the beginning we are apt to depend on the people around us without them we can not be able to know the important things thag we need to know. “Scaffolding” as they call it, through guidance it is possible. We are trained for us to develop a well-rounded personality. We are guided for us to have the knowledge. We are directed for us to become aware of the path we are going to. We are instructed to know what we need to do. By being aware of all this we will follow and bring it for life. We should learn to follow first to be followed next.

      Let us instill in our minds and take it by heart that we are all responsible of our actions, actions from within and actions from external forces. We should always remember that teaching is a responsibility, a blessed one. Let us follow the ways of the Lord and aim to be like Him in every way. Now we can say Lord, let me follow thee!.

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