Flabbergasting Reality

Sometimes I ask myself.. What is really my purpose of living. Why am I here? Is my life only about career, love, success and some other pleasures of this world. Is this really my life all about? Emptiness creep into my heart and confusion starts to take in. While emotions whirling I chose to be still and in that moment a sudden realization came in like a wind which breezes gently but powerful enough to touch my soul and heart. A kind of feeling that no man can ever give, a kind of feeling of reality and peace that this world can’t ever provide. I woke and reality sets in. A flabbergasting experience!. That reality brought me to light when I got to know Jesus and let Him be my Lord and savior. I honestly dont know much about life. I just live but with no purpose and destination that is eternal. As I continue living my life I’ve come to realized that nothing in this world will lasts and iy comes along with expiration date they are all temporary. And the only thing that never changes is “CHANGE” itself, I believe that this is the reason of all temporary things in this world. You can not trust anything or anyone cuz they change. I am very grateful that the Lord I trust never Changes. His immutability make all things constant. His promises, love, mercy, goodness, kindness and all. There’s none like Him. He is incomparable. All praises and glory to the One true God. Jesus is the perfector and finisher of my faith. He will finished what He has started and that I believe. It’s amazing to know that life is beautiful driven with purpose. Still Im trying to know by asking God this purpose of my life. But a certain truth is clear for me I live for Christ and it is not I who live but Christ, I live this body by faith. I live to give glory to the Lord. To serve others. This keeps me going. Life is indeed a roller coaster but it’s alright since the Lord is with me. I can conquer everything with Him by my side and He is in me to do it. I want to truly live this beautiful purpose in accordance to His will. He is God. He is my heavenly Father. My everything.  Whatever life has to offer let’s face it with faith knowing you can do all things through Christ our Lord. We belong to Him. Be still love with this flabbergasting reality of life.




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