I Am A Girl!

I am a girl…

A typical kind of girl

Nothing grand but true in identity’s brand

I am simple in style

In mind and in heart.

I am carefree.

I am bright filled with mystery light

To those who have known me from the start.

But I am more to the One who created me.

Complex. I am fearfully and wonderfully made

His wonderful works so good and beautiful

Nothing in compare.

I am a girl who love

I love the sound of rain in an old roof

I love the old fashioned ways of love

Made me an old soul or style they say

I love the breeze of an air as it gently touches the skin leaving many feelings

I love baby or kids their innocence is a delight

Their laughter, smiles and little actions made me smile

I love the colors of the sky and the creative form of clouds

As it speaks promises and truth in my heart

I love the ocean and seas with its color blue so calming and true

Reminds me of the love of God so clear, so deep, so wide and so strong.

In anyway in everyway I remember God in His beautiful creation.

A simple girl who doesn’t need a sophisticated life on earth.

A simple girl who knows her worth and know who she is in Christ.

A girl filled with dreams with reality and purpose

A girl who is a child of God.

I maybe typical to some but it’s ok for I am special to God.

What others think or say doesn’t matter for my God’s word is the final say. ❤

*Accept what you are, embrace who you are.. you are beautiful and loved by the most High God❤


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