Completeness in Jesus

Jesus made me whole and complete. He is my everything. Jesus is my Lord, my God and my savior. He never leave me nor forsake me. He chose me and save me and gave me the assurance of life everlasting. Now all I want is to serve Him in spirit and truth. He made me totally free. Liberty from the bondage of sin, penalty of sin, fear of death. No one can indeed satisfy my soul only Him. We can have all we want on this earth but if Jesus is not with and in our life you will always feel empty. We are not for this world but we belong to Jesus. He will come back and will get us just as He promised. He prepared a place for us in Heaven more than we could ever imagine. He is above all, undefeated, almighty, powerful. There’s none like Him. This world is full of trouble but we can depend on Him who overcome this world. He is with us and in us and He will finished what He has started in us. Trust, believe, worship.
#faith #hope #love


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