Life is short. It is really short for those who have not yet found the real meaning of life and don’t know how to live it. Life is no short if you know how to appreciate the essence of everything that you are going through day by day. Life is hard if you are taking the burdens all alone thinking you can handle them when  you know you cannot. Life is no hard at all if you learn to give it all to God and let Him take over.

    Pain, grief and sufferings are inevitable in one’s life. We will feel all of that but that doesn’t mean we will stay there. They are all temporary love. The Lord says “I will never leave you, nor forsake you.” Trust in Him, He knows what you are going through and He got you. He didn’t promise a life without pain, struggles and hardships but He promise that He will be with us and He will give us the strength to get through this.If you constantly reflect and see the best behind your pain and hardships you will realize how beautiful and important it is for your life. 

    God’s ways are higher than our ways. He is with us through every storms. Be still and know that He is God. You have a life purpose. Jesus redeemed you. He loves you and He owns you. We are His beloved children. Living life for Christ is the best way of living. He loves you with an  everlasting love.


Waiting Right!

     You waited so long and you are still waiting and waiting. Now you’ve come to realize that your singleness is a blessing. You’ve seen others who are in a relationship end up brokenhearted because of their worst ending. You dont like that to happen to you that’s why you decided to wait. I tell you love you are doing great, you are doing the right thing. Singleness is a  blessing. It is a wonderful moment for growth and joy. It is your time for the Lord. Your time to seek Him, to experience His love and goodness. He got you in this. Learn to be happy of what you have now. It is a blessing. See it that way and feel it. Wait for the best person God has prepared for you. The godly king who is set apart, the man you deserve and destined to be with. Love is patient remember. Be happy you are beautiful and set apart too. God loves you more than anyone else 😊 Your worth is found in Jesus.

Mathematics Truth Revealed


Mathematicians say LIFE is like a line segment drawn from point B to point D.

What is point B to point D?

It’s from point of Birth(B) to point of Death(D).
So life starts from the moment we are Born(B) until the day we Die(D).

But in the middle of B(Birth) and D(Death) is a mysterious C.

What is C then?It is CHRIST.

If we put Christ in the middle of our life(Birth—>Christ—>Death) our life will not end at D but extend to E.

What is E? It’s Eternal Life.

So all those who put Christ in the middle of their life have Eternal life after Death

But those who do not put Christ in the middle of their lives don’t have Eternal life after Death but they have F(Fire).

Therefore the mathematical Equation or Definition of Life For Christians is

B + C + D = E
Birth+Christ+Death= Eternal Life

And the mathematical Equation or Definition Of Life For Unbelievers:

B + D = F
Birth + Death = Fire

Any one that avoids C must surely lose E

For scriptural references, please check the following

1John 5:11-13 Acts 4:12 John 5:34 Rom 10:1 John 3:16 & 17 Rev 20:11-15

There’s always a blessing in choosing Christ as your personal Saviour.