New Creation

​Wondering why this is my title?  Well everyone will think that’s for sure.  You may even wonder some ideas regarding this but I wanna tell you one thing.  This is far beyond creation of invetion,  technology or anything.  It is eternal one.  And as you move on to read.  I believe you will be able to understand what I mean. 

God changes me and my life story.  I am no longer “myself” I am no longer my old self.  I am a new creation many things change and I love all this changes.  It bothers me before the meaning of being born again. Is it entering the born again sect because of the word itself? Is it going back to being fetus and in my mothers womb to be born again?  It is  shallow ideas of mine. A nonesense thought of mine. But candid right?  With this I ask God about being born again and I want to feel it myself.  God didn’t dissappoint me to my surprise He reveals it to me in His perfect time. That desire of knowing and to feel it myself Jesus fulfill it.  I am very much greatful. 

  Being born again means to die of yourself so that you will be a new creation.  Die in your sinful ways,  your old self,  your own selfish desires,  your pride, greed and covetousness.  Renewed spirit, rebirth and spiritual growth is the gift of this. I chose to be born again and let God do it because He puts that desire in my heart.  I believe you are reading this with a purpose and one day you will feel the same way you will be born again.  All you need is to ask the Lord and you will receive. My prayer goes to you this time. 

4 thoughts on “  New Creation

  1. multitudeofmythoughts

    I have experienced this feeling of being free and born again.It s a miraculous experience.However what I realize now is that to keep this up new self great constantly is little difficult and requires some hard work to be inculcated in daily habits,if we want this new version of ours to stay forever.Otherwise this worldy life again pulls down and forces us to merge in their ways.
    Anyways excellent post and I loved the last paragraph of your post.Thanks for sharing.

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