WWhat is love?

In this world we are blindly folded by the real definition of love. Most people misinterpret the real meaning behind this word. Some think it is just a force that connects two souls through certain attraction with the opposite sex, making them write their own definition. Love at first sight, infatuation, attraction, obsession, platonic love and many more have been widely known called for this worldly love. Love for those who have a little understanding about it thinks it as limited, a game that causes miseries and pain. This is the idea of worldly love that gives a negative meaning to the real love.  

Love is universal. It is for all no one is exempted. It is the only force that connects the differences among humans. Love brings hope, peace, and happiness. It is eternal. It breaks down all the walls that separate all things. Once love works no one can stand against it you will act accordingly you will fight for it, persevere, hope and understand. love will never fail. 

 Others idea about the negative impact of love brought by  this world ideals are vague. It is as blurred as the contaminated water. If you take this kind of water you will suffer and die. This people only focused to the  surface meaning of love and not dwell in its deepest sense. If they will figure it more the answer is satisfying. 

 True love, real love or whatever we call it. Everybody wants to have it. Everybody wants to experience it. Everybody is dreaming of someone to fulfill this. Friends we already have it, experienced it and it is fulfilled. How? by our Lord Jesus Christ. Selfless, unconditional, eternal there is no greater love than this. Because of His love for us He gave His life to save all of us from our sins, the original sin made by Adam and Eve. The big walls that separate us from God has been broken, the chains that hold our lives for long has been cut. We are free. His resurrection has proved us how great He is for He can overcome the grave. 

 This love is incomparable you can’t see and feel it to anyone in this world. No one can ever do that . Now that you come to know this are you ready to feel His presence  and greatness in your life? 

It is up to you love ๐Ÿ™‚

11 thoughts on “WWhat is love?

  1. multitudeofmythoughts

    Recently, having dated a few guys,I got very disillusioned discovering the the fact that by the end of the day,each craved for lust. I have been very serious towards my work and other things and so was literally shocked to know the general common perception of love which is defined by body love.So even I am going to make a post on what real love is.I wish if each one could understand the unconditional love that God and our parents give us and also how wonderful that feeling is when we learn to love unconditionally whether a person of opposite sex or anyone stranger.
    Thanks for sharing this post,I am extremely glad to have come across someone like minded.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Jothish Joseph

    Beautifully written! It’s true, we just cannot imagine how much our God loves us and we are all so busy looking for people to share love with us and this love is actually so small compared to that big sacrifice he gave for us.
    Thanks for sharing! Have a great day!

    Liked by 2 people

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